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Protecting Your Possessions

You've spent a lifetime collecting personal possessions and furnishings that have both intrinsic and sentimental value. We offer several options for protecting your goods during the move. The one you select sets the limits of your mover's liability for any loss or damage to your belongings. Please take time to review and understand your options:


For Interstate Moves

Full Replacement Valuation - This coverage costs extra but provides more comprehensive coverage for the real value of your goods. With this plan any items lost or damaged during your move will be repaired or replaced with like items without depreciation for their age. The way it works:

  • You declare a lump sum value for your shipment. There is a minimum required declaration of $6.00 per pound (so that for example, a 10,000 lbs. shipment will be valued at a minimum of $60,000).

  • You select your desired deductible - $0, $250, $500, or $1000. The final price for this protection plan depends on the value you declare for your goods and the level of deduction you select.

"Release Rate" Valuation of 60¢ per pound per article - This is minimal coverage liability that is provided at no charge to you. You should note that this often does not cover the actual cost of replacing or repairing your goods. For example: if a 10 lb. laptop computer were lost or destroyed during your move, you would only be reimbursed as follows: 10 lbs. x 60¢ per lb. = $6.00

For Local and Intra-state Moves


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