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Movers Carrying Shelving Unit into house surrounded by boxes

Our Services

From residential to commercial, local to long-distance, we've got your move covered!

Movers taking boxes out of a moving van

Local Moving

Staying within the area around Palestine and Tyler ?
Thompson Discount Movers knows what it takes to make a local move successful:

  • Safe, timely delivery of your possessions.

  • Professional, courteous staff.

  • Competitive pricing.

That's why we treat each customer's move individually, properly assessing your needs before the move begins.

Our experience enables us to offer extremely competitive pricing without compromising quality and attention to detail.

White moving van driving down highway

Long Distance Moving

Thompson Discount Movers & Storage is a long distance moving specialist. Long distance moves are different then local moves and require a special set of skills, licenses and experience. Our years of experience and our affiliation with a large national network of fellow moving experts as an interstate agent for Bekins Van Lines, Inc., have taught us how to achieve hassle free, on-time moves time after time.

How Are Long Distance Moves Priced? Did You Know? A "Long Distance Move" is defined by federal regulations as any move of 100 miles or more and any move that crosses a state line (even if under 100 miles). The two main factors that determine the cost of your move are the distance you are moving and the weight of your shipment. Like most people, you probably don't know the total weight of your belongings, and we will be unable to determine the exact weight of your shipment until the actual day of the move. So in order to determine an approximate weight for your move, just use our FREE Online Estimate system. We also welcome you to join us at a government regulated weigh station while we weigh the truck with and without your shipment fully loaded. The difference between those two weights is the weight of your shipment.

Additional factors that may contribute to overall cost of move:

  • Packing services you order from us.

  • So called "Accessorial Charges". These are things that keep the truck away from the door of your new or old home such as flights of stairs, elevators, narrow access lane, etc.

  • Your choice of additional value protection for your possessions.

  • Storage of your goods while you settle in your new home.

Moving boxes in storage unit

Storage Solutions & Packing


Thompson Discount Movers offers complete state-of-the-art storage solutions.

Short term or long term, we can store your household goods and office equipment in a clean, secure easily accessible facility for as long as you need

Why Store with Us?


  • We don't charge an up-front deposit.

  • You never pay for more than the actual days your goods are stored.

  • You will only be charged for space you actually use.

  • Access your belongings any day of the week with advance notice.

  • Oversized items are not a problem.

  • Our low rates will save you money.



Proper packing is essential to a successful move.

Remove stress and save time by having Thompson Discount Movers pack some or all of your belongings for you.

We Provide FREE Quilt-pad Wrapping of All Furniture

We'll be glad to pack (and unpack) your entire household or business or even pack just one or two special items such as a valuable painting, a single china cabinet or special office equipment.

Our professional and courteous packing teams are experts in carefully and efficiently packing and unpacking all types of household goods and office equipment.

Professional mover using packing tape to close a box

Corporate Relocation

Thompson Discount Movers is set to meet your company's specific moving needs.

  • Create a Relocation Policy

  • Clearly define the benefits package and outline employee responsibilities to allow management to plan ahead and the employee to know what to expect.

  • Streamline the partnership between company and mover by identifying consistent procedures, services, and responsibilities.

  • A Centralized Policy applies to all branches and divisions in the company and helps to maintain consistency in coordination, channels of communication, and follow-through as well as eliminate procedural differences that can cause misunderstandings between the company and the employees.

We will be happy to work with you to develop a Relocation Policy that will save you time, expense, hassles and disappointments.

Wooden Piano

Pianos & Automobiles

Do you need to move a piano, delicate china or crystal, valuable art, family heirlooms or other items that needs special attention?


Moving such items requires a particular expertise. Call us now and we'll be glad to explain to you the techniques, materials and costs involved in professionally packing, moving and unpacking such items.

Our piano moving team has years of experience and our professional Art & Antiques packing and crating services are handled by only a few select experienced individuals.

Movers Carrying Boxes

Commercial Moves

Our Business Is Moving Your Business!

Thompson Discount Movers, LLC has extensive experience in relocating businesses and is well equipped to handle any type of commercial move.

We know that your move is as unique as your business or organization and we know how to make your life easier during your transition.

Let us become your "moving department." Our commercial move specialists will not only give you a competitive bid for your business’ commercial move, but will actually help you plan the entire move process.

Planning Your Move

Well before the day of your move, Thompson Discount Movers' Commercial Move Specialist will meet with your company's move coordinator to work out the entire move process creating a move plan that includes:

  • Satisfactorily answering all questions you may have regarding the move.

  • Solving potential problems in advance.

  • Establishing a time table for your move.

  • Developing a floor plan for your new facility.

What Should Your Employees Handle?

For some businesses it makes more sense to have us pack their entire business from A to Z, freeing their employees to more important tasks.

Other companies choose to have their employees pack only their own desks / work stations.

If you decide to have your employees do some or most of the packing we will deliver the appropriate boxes and other packing materials prior to the move, according to the move plan we work out with your move coordinator.

Our project manager can come to your business and train your employees to pack anything that can reasonably be packed by your employees.

Thompson Discount Movers's project manager is there to help you decide which route is best for your business and budget.

Steps we'll take together to make your commercial move a success:

  • Before the move our project manager and your move coordinator will go over your new facility's floor plan.

  • Together they will assign colors to each area of your new facilities.

  • We will furnish special colored labels. These are special labels designed for the moving industry: they are secure enough to stay in place while in transit but will not damage the finish of your equipment when they are removed at the end of the move.

  • You / we can then attach a properly colored label to each item and in addition mark that label with a unique number.

  • Now you can indicate on the new facility's floor plan where you want that item to end up at your new location.

  • Prior to the day of the move, our commercial moving project manager will talk to the building management of both the building you are moving out of and the building you are moving into. We will ascertain their requirements to ensure a smooth move day.

  • We will belay any damage concerns by the buildings' management by providing each of them with a certificate of insurance from our insurance company naming the building's owners as additional insured.

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